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A Few Simple Questions to Ask When Buying AI Technology

I’m sure you hear a lot about AI this, blockchain that, and automation is the future. How do you cut through all the noise and decide what is worth your time and what is hype? It can be so confusing...
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There's now a terrifying Ethereum-based 'assassination market' for Donald Trump

The future of the blockchain is dark.  A new protocol has launched on the Ethereum blockchain that allows people to create and place bets on real-world events — i.e., prediction markets. And you better believe that a so-called "
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Poorly attended blockchain conference offers much-needed reality check

It's 8:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco, and the emcee is stoked.  A booming welcome worthy of a Vegas boxing match is being delivered over the PA as attendees at the Distributed blockchain
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HTC's blockchain phone Exodus will come with CryptoKitties in three months tops

HTC would like us to know that it's not kidding about that blockchain phone.  Originally announced in May without a price, date or specs, the Exodus phone sounded a bit like a desperate last effort to make HTC, which laid off 22 percent of its
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SEC comments about a proposed bitcoin ETF are 'liiiiiiiiiit'

Nothing quite captures the excitement of bitcoin like a proposed exchange-traded fund. I mean, just say it out loudBitcoin ETF. It's sexy, right? And if public comments submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission in favor of the latest would
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What Blockchain Can’t Do

Someone needs to verify the link between digital records and physical objects.
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WTF is former Congressman Dennis Kucinich doing at this blockchain yacht party

When you're a shady organization railing against regulation and advocating for a blockchain-based society, it pays to have friends in strange places.  Decenturion, the latest head-scratcher to emerge out of the blockchain fever dream, appears
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The only good thing to come out of Bitcoin is this cat

Bitcoin true believers have long promised a blockchain-based revolution, but the only true thing of value to come out of Satoshi's white paper is this chill-ass cryptocat.   Sure, the scams and ransomware and general buffoonery in the
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AgTech Blockchain Startup Bext360 Raises $3.35 Million To Provide Traceability To Commodities

SaaS startup Bext360 has closed its seed round, which is aimed at enabling it to expand into new verticals.
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Snoop Dogg surprises guests at multiple blockchain parties

The Dogg is in the house, and you better believe he's hodling.  With NYC's Blockchain Week in high gear, the rapper best known (these days, anyway) for smoking weed and kicking it with Martha Stewart took a little detour into the heart of