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Blake Lively drops a glorious Ryan Reynolds bombshell during awkward guessing game

If you've ever found yourself wondering what Ryan Reynolds says when he looks in the mirror each day, then wonder no more.  Blake Lively has the answer. Actually she has just one of several, equally ridiculous answers, most of which were put
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are sparring on Twitter again and it's adorable

Turns out, even years after Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has some secrets up her sleeve — and her husband, and Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds doesn't even know the half of it.  Lively, who has been aggressively promoting her upcoming film A
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11 times famous men spoke up about mental health and made it easier for others to get help

For so many male celebrities, traditional masculinity is the most valuable currency they possess. It sells at the box office and on magazine covers.  But, whether they mean to or not, some famous men are rejecting the myth that only weak men
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Ryan Reynolds' tweet about his mom just hands down won Mother's Day

Ryan Reynolds' Twitter feed never disappoints. SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on Twitter Whether he's sharing brutal rejection letters sent to his buddy Deadpool or gleefully trolling Blake Lively on her birthday
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Why Blake Lively is suddenly following 27 normals called Emily on Instagram

In a somewhat unusual turn of events, Blake Lively has deleted all of her Instagram posts, unfollowed everyone, changed her bio, and followed 27 people who share the same name.  That name is Emily Nelson. And, her new bio reads: "What happened
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Blake Lively is trolling Ryan Reynolds once again on Instagram

You may already be aware of the ongoing social media war between Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds. SEE ALSO: Ryan Reynolds just tweeted another perfect comeback to those marriage split rumours Blake Lively uploaded a photo to Instagram of
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Ryan Reynolds totally nails Valentine's Day with a glorious Instagram post

It's common knowledge by now that Ryan Reynolds is the king of social media, but did you know he's also the king of valiant Valentine's Day baking attempts? SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on Twitter Well, he is.
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Blake Lively designs $860 diaper bag, everybody laughs

Blake Lively's daughter James is only eight months old and she already has a handbag named after her.In just under a year, actress Lively has gone from launching a lifestyle website, Preserve, to becoming a fashion designer. Her most recent creation