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Chadwick Boseman helps stop white people from ruining the Wakanda salute

Riddle us this: Why is the idea of a white person loving Black Panther great, while the idea of a white person doing the Wakanda salute sounds not quite right? Well Saturday Night Live took advantage of having Chadwick Boseman — the king
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Saudi Arabia to open first cinema after those 'Emoji Movie' screenings

Saudi Arabia's first permanent cinema is coming. Following the country's recent lifting of a 35-year-old cinema ban, temporary local theatres popped up with showings of The Emoji Movie (of all films) in January. On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia’s
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Get pumped for 'Deadpool 2' with all sorts of merchandise available now

In a year of epic superhero movie landmarks like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, one superhero will likely stand on his own as a hilariously irreverent sidebar among 2018's film releases. Of course, we're talking about everyone's favorite
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Finally, a 'Black Panther' meme that perfectly sums up this weird 'spring' weather

The sign of a good movie is usually high box office numbers, sure, but in my humble opinion it should be the number of memes it provides. Black Panther checks off both those boxes, and the latest meme to come from the Marvel hit perfectly
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How Lupita Nyong'o trained for 'Black Panther'

Lupita Nyong'o plays the character of Nakia in Black Panther, a warrior with a street-style type of fighting. The actress spilled details about the intense training that went into preparing for the role.  Read more...More about Watercooler,
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More people have tweeted about 'Black Panther' than any other movie, ever

Wakanda forever (and ever and ever). In addition to blowing away audiences around the world and logging broken record after broken record at the box office, Black Panther is also a pretty big deal on social media. In fact, it's the most tweeted-
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Chadwick Boseman will host 'Saturday Night Live,' and he'll be joined by Cardi B

Wakanda's very own Black Panther is headed to Studio 8H.  On April 7, Chadwick Boseman will take on the hosting duties for Saturday Night Live with none other than the "Bodak Yellow" queen Cardi B as a musical guest. The announcement was made
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Black Panther's Dora Milaje are getting their own comics spinoff

The Dora Milaje, Wakanda's own elite force of female protectors, are getting their own comic book spinoff. SEE ALSO: Marvel is 'absolutely' making a sequel to 'Black Panther.' Obviously. A new collection of one-shot comics under the name Wakanda
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'SNL' reveals unseen 'Black Panther' scene that includes your new favorite character

If you thought you knew everything there is to know about Marvel's Black Panther, think again. Saturday Night Live revealed a deleted scene from the movie that shows T'Challa — played by Chris Redd — meeting all sorts of ancestors in
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'Black Panther' box office crosses $1 billion worldwide

Black Panther has officially hit $1 billion worldwide after just four weeks in theaters. According to a release from Disney, Black Panther is the third-biggest superhero movie domestically, behind The Dark Knight ($534.9 million, and Panther is