BITS Pilani's International Startup Challenge,Conquest,hosted its first networking session in Delhi.

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New Delhi, 3rd July, 2016 : Conquest, BITS Pilani’s International Startup Challenge, hosted its first networking session in the city at Investopad this Sunday. With DCB Bank as the title sponsor,Conquest is India’s largest studentrun startup challenge. It brings together thought leaders,innovators and top level VCs as mentors, creates funding opportunities for participating startups and helps the top founders build their dreams with equityless cash prizes. It is the perfect launchpad for startups.
This year, Conquest, in association with Exotel and CitrusPay, saw a participation of more than 1200 applications from varied sectors, ranging from Healthcare to Internet of Things and even Virtual Reality. These applications were scrutinised based on their models, sustainability, user traction and a number of other parameters. After three rounds of screening, the top 50 startups were shortlisted for the Networking Sessions held in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Conquest offers the startups an insightful experience by providing mentorship in five major categories which includes Fundraising,Product Management, Customer Acquisition, Tech, and Scaling up & Operations.
Talking of the Networking Sessions, Bhawna Agarwal, CEO at NDTV Gadgets, said “It was refreshing to speak with the Top 50 of Conquest. The startups were very interesting and the atmosphere was different from that of a traditional B Plan competition. Sitting with the entrepreneurs one on one was much better, wherein the startups could talk freely with their guards down and seek guidance.
The team was instrumental in creating a meaningful experience and an environment of mutual encouragement.”
Mr Dharmendra Yashovardhan, CoFounder at Ixigo, shared his insights with the startups over operations and sustainability of their ventures. Swati Bhargava, CoFounder at CashKaro worked with the startups to improve their revenue models which are crucial players in the startup's success. In addition to these, mentors were present from established startups in India which included the likes of PayTm, Grofers, OYO Rooms among others, to support the young ventures.
Mr. Murali M Natrajan, MD & CEO, DCB Bank said, “DCB Bank is excited to be associated once again with BITS Pilani as and be the title sponsor for Conquest 2016. India is buzzing with startups and the excitement is palpable. We hope to add value to the young entrepreneurs and look forward to this unique experience.”
The subsequent networking sessions are to be held on the 9th and 10th of July in Mumbai and Bangalore respectively before the much awaited
announcement of the Finalists of Conquest 2016.The Grand Finale will be held on the 28th of August in New Delhi at ITC Maurya .
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