Bitcoin businesses want to stop talking about the creator thank you very much

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Bitcoin startup founders and investors are eager to put the mystery of its creator to rest. Image: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Bitcoin has survived the collapse of one of its largest exchanges, public associations with the seedy underbelly of Silk Road and severe price fluctuations that would make the most seasoned Wall Street trader's head explode.

Now some of Bitcoin business leaders and investors believe it is on the cusp of surviving another difficult obstacle as old as the digital currency itself: The strange mystery of the man who made it.

On Monday morning, an Australian businessman named Craig Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the secretive individual credited with creating Bitcoin in 2008 before going dark for years as the currency grew in prominence and value.

Within hours of Wright's surprise announcement, members of the media and various bitcoin loyalists raised doubts about the claim. But Bitcoin startup founders held out hope it would lay the question to rest once and for all — or at the very least remind us that the answer doesn't even matter at this point.

"For many people, the fact that the creation was shrouded in mystery made them not trust the technology, and with something that deals with value, I think that is a real issue,"


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