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Jim Parsons' major Instagram slip up ruined Kaley Cuoco's surprise birthday

Not really understanding the social cues of a surprise birthday party and inadvertently ruining the whole thing for everybody is a very Sheldon Cooper thing to do.  But, Jim Parsons was not in character of the socially awkward and adorable
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106-year-old queen celebrates her birthday at Taco Bell

Myrtis Jewel Painter knows where the party's at: Taco Bell. The 106-year-old celebrated her birthday in style at her favorite restaurant, Taco Bell, on Sunday. Taco Bell honored Painter by decorating the restaurant for the special occasion. This
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Simone Giertz celebrated her birthday by trying to eat cake off a conveyer belt

Simone Giertz turned 28, and celebrated being "the length of an average menstrual cycle" by trying to eat cake off a conveyer belt she built.  "I'm taking the day off, and this is how I'm treating myself," she deadpans.  Running the
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Ryan Reynolds' response to Hugh Jackman's birthday message is everything you'd expect and more

When he's not busy tweeting very creative descriptions of his Aviation Gin or trolling Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds occasionally enjoys getting into Twitter feuds. His last war of words was with none other than Paddington Bear, but now it seems he's
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Ed Sheeran adds a twist to the happy birthday song for Bruno Mars' big day

Plenty of people hear a rendition of the happy birthday song on their special day, but not many people get to hear it from the mouth of a best-selling singer. Bruno Mars is not like most people, though. SEE ALSO: Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke is 15
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Vaishnav Jan To

From: Via: Vaishnav Jan To via @YouTubeAs part of the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of
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Vlogger Will Smith bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon for his birthday, and livestreamed it

Will Smith went full vlogger and bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon.  The four-time Grammy winner and man Newsweek once declared "Hollywood's Most Powerful Actor" has picked up a new hobby: YouTubing. He's vlogged about his date with a robot,
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Facebook birthday fundraisers rake in $300 million in first year

Since Facebook birthday fundraisers debuted a year ago, users have raised more than $300 million for nonprofit organizations, according to a new post from Asha Sharma, the company's head of product for social good.  SEE ALSO: Facebook's app is
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today is my birthday sir wish me

From: Via: Groaning about the state of Indian football isn’t new;it’s a national pastime. But nothing’s made our sad state
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Kim Kardashian got Kanye a 'Rick and Morty' birthday song

Every artist has their inspirations, including known Rick and Morty fan Kanye West. For his 41st birthday, West's wife Kim Kardashian commissioned an original song from the Rick and Morty team. SEE ALSO: A comprehensive timeline of Kanye’s