Billionaire Vinod Khosla known for disruptive philosophy

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  By: Kristen V. Brown and Joe Garofoli
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Vinod Khosla has spent a career cultivating the image of a contrarian.

In some ways, then, the lawsuit alleging that the Silicon Valley billionaire blocked public beach access makes perfect sense.

Khosla is a venture capitalist known for gutsy environmental investments - a man anointed a "Golden State eco-warrior" by Vanity Fair. This did not prevent the posting of signs on his property restricting access to a precious sliver of San Mateo's coastline.

Blocking Martins Beach has made Khosla an unpopular figure, but Khosla has never cared much what other people think. The point, as he testified Monday in court, is "what the law says." And according to Khosla's attorneys, what the law says is that although the beach is public, a landowner has the right to restrict people fr