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Search intelligence: A strategic asset for marketers in the age of big data

From: Buisness-standard By Neena Dasgupta Recommended by: business-standard After the internet and smartphone revolution, we are now on the cusp of the “intelligence revolution” driven primarily by artificial intelligence (AI),
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Millions of refugees could benefit from big data — but we're not using it

Today, 65 million people live as refugees or are displaced within their home countries — more than at any other point since the U.N. Refugee Agency began collecting data. Many countries have opened their borders to those displaced by war and
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Big data for SMEs

From: Buisness-standard By Manish Mittal Recommended by: business-standard Data-driven decisions are better than heuristic ones or gut feeling, no doubt. The process of data analytics facilitates companies to understand their
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A.I. and Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty

From:   By: ELISABETH A. MASON Via: RT @sapinker: A.I. and Big Data
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For Hedge Funds, Mining The ‘Human Element’ May Hold Key For Optimizing Predictive Analytics

Gary Drenik interviews Bill Pecoriello, CEO of Consumer Edge Research, about the impact that new, consumer-based data sources are having on the development of new analytics for the financial services industry.
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Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics?

From: Via: Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics? many companies have been investing
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Ireland’s Edge: Decision Center For EMEA And EU Data Strategies

All organizations are already technology enabled to exploit Big Data opportunities. Leading international businesses are using smart technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to capture, analyze and use their corporate and
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‘Rogue Algorithms’ and the Dark Side of Big Data

From: Via: ‘Rogue Algorithms’ and the Dark Side of Big Data of us, unless we’re