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Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

From: Via: RT @VentureBean: Which Features Increase Customer Retention? via @mitsmrMost
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Retentionomics: Do Companies Value Their Loyal Customers?

Retentionomics, or the drive and ability to retain existing customers, yields positive business results. A study of 300 retail and media companies, conducted by Sailthru and Forbes Insights, “Retentionomics: The Path to Profitable Growth,
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9 Employee Retention Statistics That Will Make You Sit Up And Pay Attention

Editor’s Note: Readers sometimes ask about past TLNT articles, so every Friday we republish a Classic TLNT post. Retention in the workplace is in a predicament — the revolving door is circulating faster, and the organizations
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Yes, an Authentic Company Culture Really Can Drive Retention

Employee retention is a complex phenomenon that can be difficult to predict broadly, not to mention down to the level of a single employee. The latter is the topic of a recent blog post — titled Why You Shouldn’t Link Culture and