Best Way to Introduce Yourself

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Short Introductions, fitting with the context, relevant to the audiance and coming from something real and genuine is the best way to introduce one self. This is a nice article from Inc. which shows how position does not necessarily get the conversation going.

Who is the most important audience? Hint: It's not the people you meet.

Whenever you introduce yourself, the person you meet is not the most important audience.

You are the most important audience.

Here's why.

I like to ride bicycles. I'm not super fit. And I'm not super fast. But I like riding, and in weak moments occasionally even think of myself as a "cyclist."

So occasionally I ride in mass participation events like gran fondos. The average participant tends to be a serious cyclist: Many are triathletes, some are amateur racers, and occasionally even a few professionals show up. I live in a valley between two mountain ranges, so our events are not for the faint of fitness.

I was standing in the start area for a gran fondo that involved c.....


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