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What #PlaidShirtGuy Can Teach Us About Recruiting and Hiring Best Practices

Tyler Linfesty, better known to the Internet as “plaid shirt guy,” became an overnight sensation because of his facial expressions at a Trump rally in Montana. According to the 17-year-old student from Billings, his reactions were a
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Best Practices for Collecting Employee Testimonials

Employee-generated content is one of cornerstones for a strong employer brand. Employees’ voices are authentic, and can go in depth about specific experiences working at a company. However, collecting this information isn’t always
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Best practices

If you need an appendectomy, it's unlikely you'll die during the operation. That's because the surgeon has been trained in hundreds of years of best practices. From Semmelweis to the latest in antibiotics, she knows what's come before. Not only...
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4 Best Practices to Ensure Immigration Compliance

Tapping into the global workforce – and sending employees to offices around the world – can be a financial boon in many industries. But whenever business crosses national borders, it also increases in complexity and introduces new rules
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The War for Talent is Dead: Is Open Source the Future of HR?

For the most part, the HR and recruiting industry has historically treated our work as strictly confidential. Outside of conferences or between individual colleagues we seldom see companies actively sharing their secrets for success or lessons
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In Recruiting, Back to Basics Does More Harm Than Good

Back to basics is terrible strategy. Having to engage in such a wasteful activity means people were allowed to stray from these core best practices. Why does this happen? The basics are harder than most people will admit. It’s typically not
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Customer service best practices Making social media a two-way conversation

From: Mashable By Stephanie Walden Recommended by: Mashable When it comes to your business' customer service strategy, social media can simultaneously be your brand's most valuable ally and its most intimidating nemesis.On one
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Bootstrap Themes & Templates

From: Via: WrapBootstrap - Bootstrap Themes & Templates via @wrapbootstrapis designed to help people of all skill levels –