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Sila Nanotechnologies Raises $70 Million To Begin Commercial Production Of Its Energy Dense Battery Material

Sila Nanotechnologies, which makes energy-dense materials for lithium batteries, announced Thursday that it's raised $70 million in order to move into commercial production.
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The Latest on SmashFly, Jobvite, Talent Rover, and Others

Twelve days into 2016 and it’s feeling a little like … 2015, the conclusion of which brought us new funding to RallyPoint, ProSky, and WorkFusion, among others. A sample of what I’m hearing about recruiting technology
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Reverberations from the spat between Rahul Yadav and investors in, the real estate portal he co-founded in 2012, have only just settled. But the range of reaction on social media suggests that issue at the centre of the controversy -
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The four questions you need to ask before joining a startup

From: Via: The four questions to ask before joining a startup, from @cbirn: Birnbaum is a senior associate at Bessemer Venture