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Predictive Analytics… The present and future of Banking

Data Mining… Most of us are familiar with this term. Personally I have over 9 terabytes of data and knowledge repositories. But how often do I actually use them and do I use them to better my existing performance. Food for thought. Predictive
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FEMA ( Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999) and You - Series 1 (4) – Personal:

We often wish that we could hold accounts in the currency of our choosing. The good news is we are getting there. India in now convertible on current account, while we are partially convertible on capital account. More in later posts on current
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Is NPA a disease?

From: By admin Recommended by: G Nagaraj Is Non-Performing-Asset status a incurable disease ? No. It is not, it is just a symptom of getting infectious at a later date.  In such
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Handling Cheques Better

E-business may take the business world by storm, but cheque based transactions are still a favourite choice for many businesses today. However, doing business with cheques involves writing, depositing, collecting, posting, recording in the system,
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Automation to speed up daily business tasks

Reconciling your Bank account with your own books of account is a weekly, if not a daily activity for most businesses. The need is obvious; control of finances, and getting the most up-to-date information about your funds. There will always be
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Banking Updates – Flash 4 – Funds transfer on Mobile : DAC Consulting.

2nd September 2011 Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)was launded for the public on 22nd November 2010 . IMPS offers an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS facilitate customers to use
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Banking Updates – Flash 3 –( DAC Consulting) ATM’s running out of cash

Have you wondered what happens to ATM’s cash supply when the entire banking industry is paralyzed by strikes (which plague us quite often.)?   RBI recognizing this as a major issue has issued guidelines to banks on the following
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FEMA ( Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999) and You - Series 1 Sub 8 – Personal

Inward remittances in foreign currency. By and large, inward remittances are permitted without any restrictions. However, certain remittances towards capital account are regulated i.e. External commercial borrowing and inward remittance towards
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BANKING - SERIES A (3) : Who is the bank for RBI?

We go to a bank to deposit and withdraw money, to transfer funds and perform financial transactions. Who do banks go to? Yes of course, the Central Bank of the country , in our case The Reserve Bank of India.   Now who is the
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We are all aware what an ATM is . Any time money… not really, you do need to have a balance in your account. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machines. So what is White label ATM? These are ATM’s which are not owned by banks but