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Facebook brings Coca-Cola ads to Nigeria with a cool solution to low bandwidth

Facebook has a problem: to exist, it needs to serve ads to users — the more with video, the better. But what happens when the users are in countries like India, Nigeria and the Phillippines, where video hogs expensive bandwidth that few people can
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How to pitch your big idea at work (and actually get taken seriously)

Everyone wants to be that person — the one who looks at the same information as everyone else, but who sees a fresh, innovative solution. However, it takes more than simply having a good idea. How you share it is as important as the suggestion
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The Strategist Quiz (#422)

This person, now a billionaire, was during his working career an intern at the Bank of Nova Scotia in the 1990s. While working for the head of strategy of the bank, he was asked to study the bank's third world debt portfolio, which went by the name