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The Benefits and Challenges of Using Recruiting Chatbots

Automation has completely transformed the face of recruitment. The advent of artificial intelligence is changing the process of hiring candidates. Today’s recruiting software has simplified some of the most time-consuming aspects of talent
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HR 101: How Technology Can Help You Automate the Busy Work

The role of technology in HR has changed tremendously over the years, especially with IT providers developing solutions specifically for the sector. Leveraging the right HR technology pays off, in terms of improved employee productivity and
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The False Choice Between Automation and Jobs

The world needs productivity growth, and technology can provide it.
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Automation, Text Messaging, and Lagging Confidence Showcase Hottest Recruiting Trends for 2018

Hot off the acquisition of TextRecruit by iCIMS, a new recruiting trends report from Bullhorn supports the strength of text messaging to communicate with job seekers over email and phone calls. Of the staffing professionals surveyed by the CRM
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3 Staffing Executives Reveal Why Firms Should Embrace Automation

Automation is one of the most hotly debated topics in recruiting, but no matter what firms believe, automation is igniting change. According to our poll of 1,000 staffing professionals, 67 percent of them said automation will help to promote
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Wipro, Infy layoffs: It is not as bad as it looks as the sector is growing

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times News of retrenchment does not seem to stop pouring out of the $150 billion Indian IT sector. Their challenges are many: Automation, artificial intelligence, global gloom and
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Strategic insights The Future for Publishers in an Automated World of Machine Learning

From:   By: Thomas Baekdal Via: The Future for Publishers in an
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Robotics, automation changing jobs forever

From: Buisness-standard By Ganesh Natarajan Recommended by: business-standard The three big challenges for all global business corporations today are protectionism, digital transformation and automation. How the forces of
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This Company Has Created the Swiss Army Knife of Robots

From:   By: Leigh Buchanan Via: This Company Has Created the Swiss Army
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What Is Zapier? Why You Should Join Our Hangout

It all started with a nonchalant post in the SourceCon Facebook group. At first, I misread the post as “Zapar” and pondered how Jason Gorham was using one of Stacy Zapar’s recruitment workflow strategies? That thought was