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The strongest storm of 2018 is swirling in the Indian Ocean

The year's first Category 5 storm has formed in the Indian Ocean, off the northwest coast of Australia.  Cyclone Marcus, which blew through the Australian city of Darwin as the equivalent of a strong tropical storm on March 17, intensified to a
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Survey finds '13 Reasons Why' gets teens talking about tough issues

A research survey commissioned by Netflix from Northwestern University found that the controversial 13 Reasons Why got teenagers talking about topics like mental health, assault, and bullying. The results were shared by Netflix on Wednesday at a
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Daphne the giant inflatable duck is safe after a week lost at sea

You can breathe again, everyone: Daphne the duck is safe!  A beloved member of the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club in Australia, the giant rubber duck was supposed to be the star of an annual ocean swimming competition, but strong winds pulled
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Facebook's data-saving Android app is coming to the U.S.

Facebook is finally bringing one of its most popular apps to the U.S. Facebook Lite, the company's data-conserving Android app, originally created for developing markets, will launch in the U.S. on Friday, Reuters reports. The app will also become
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Eastern quolls reintroduced into the wild after 50-year disappearance

Once abundant on Australia's mainland, the eastern quoll — also called the native cat — has been extinct in the country for half a century. Fortunately, they're still widespread in Tasmania, where they exist in the wild and in captive
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Chinese messaging app WeChat banned by Australia's Defence Force

Last month, U.S. intelligence agencies weren't so into the idea of people using Chinese phones. The heads of the CIA, FBI and NSA told a Senate committee in February they didn't recommend products or services by China's Huawei or ZTE be used by
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A horrifyingly massive fish washed up on a beach in Australia

Forget romantic strolls on the beach, discovering the body of a giant fish sounds like a lot more fun. SEE ALSO: Antarctica's seafloor is teeming with life, rare submersible footage shows Images of an enormous fish that washed up on the beach in
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Facebook just made it easier for female entrepreneurs to connect

Facebook is reaching beyond marketing gimmicks for International Women's Day On March 8, the social media platform is launching practical tools for professional women "who are leading the way in their communities."  SEE ALSO: This International
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Chris Hemsworth is just being a good dad, teaching his kids how to surf

While the rest of Hollywood might still be recovering from the Oscars, Chris Hemsworth is busy being a good daddy. The Thor: Ragnarok star is back in Australia, spending some quality time with the family and keeping the world up to date on his
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Microsoft co-founder discovers sunken WWII aircraft carrier

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen led a team of deep sea explorers to quite the discovery off the coast of Australia. The Seattle billionaire's team announced on Monday they'd found the wreckage of the USS Lexington, an American aircraft carrier from