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Australia's government bans politicians from sleeping with their staff

Sleeping with a co-worker is pretty much a no-no in all workplaces, especially so in the sensitive world of politics. Not that Australia's deputy prime minister stuck to the unspoken rule. SEE ALSO: What to do when someone you love has terrible
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People are mesmerised by this snake's elegant movement along a fence

Snakes move in mysterious ways, but perhaps not always as mesmerisingly as this. A video posted on the Facebook page of Bangor Vineyard Shed in Australia shows a Tasmanian tiger snake trying to navigate a thin fence line, which looks to be pretty
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Former homeless man hands out roses for Valentine's Day, because it makes people happy

Valentine's Day might suck for single people, but for some, it's an opportunity to share a little bit of love. Like for a formerly homeless man named Cameron, who pledged to hand out roses to people at Nobby Beach, on the Gold Coast in Australia.
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Australia's most popular natural tourist spots are under threat from climate change

Want to visit a pristine Australian beach, or discover the delights of the Great Barrier Reef? You'd better be quick. Like many of the world's natural wonders, Australia's five most popular natural tourist pulls are under serious threat thanks to
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Trump's NSS, China & security needs: Time for India to guard own interests

From: Buisness-standard By Premvir Das Recommended by: business-standard Several recent developments have further highlighted the need for India to develop a holistic national security strategy. The first was the emergence of a
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The 'Crocodile Dundee' reboot is an ad, but there's a campaign to make it happen anyway

We all knew it. A trailer for a forthcoming Crocodile Dundee reboot starring Danny McBride, of all people, had long been rumoured to be one big Super Bowl ad. SEE ALSO: Amazon dropped a hilarious new Super Bowl ad for Alexa Come Sunday, that
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Dudes brawl on train, then unexpectedly end up hugging it out

Well, this is unexpectedly heartwarming. Two unnamed commuters who were traveling on a train in Sydney, Australia got into a fight for unknown reasons, in a video shot by Judita Aku-wei Winter but uploaded by Ten News on Friday. The situation
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Here's a snake eating a possum, because Australia

Australian animals are terrifying enough, but it doesn't get more unsettling than watching one of them eat another. A carpet python named Monty was filmed devouring a possum in the backyard of Gold Coast resident Greg Hosking's home on Monday
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Australia bank on IPL stars David Warner, Steve Smith to salvage pride in T20s

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Having lost their last six T20 matches against India, the Australians are now pinning their hopes on the likes of David Warner and captain Steve Smith, considering their experience