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Microsoft co-founder discovers sunken WWII aircraft carrier

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen led a team of deep sea explorers to quite the discovery off the coast of Australia. The Seattle billionaire's team announced on Monday they'd found the wreckage of the USS Lexington, an American aircraft carrier from
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In-N-Out pops up in Australia again, and suitably people go nuts for it

Whatever your opinion may be of beloved Californian burger outlet In-N-Out, you can't deny the brand has quite the pull. The chain opened a pop-up at a bar called Lover in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday, something which it regularly does around the
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This envelope was so teeny tiny it needed a bigger envelope to be sent

Some things are just too tiny to be sent alone. SEE ALSO: This artist built an entire model plane out of nothing but manila envelopes A picture posted Thursday of an envelope so small it had to be sent inside a bigger envelope went viral. someone
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Will Smith tries an Australian meat pie, wonders why it has be so scalding hot

You know Will Smith is rather good at Instagram, but you might not know he's doing the vlog thing now. In his latest video, which covers his recent fun-looking trip to Australia, Smith reviews the Australian meat pie (1:10 in the video) — a
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Divers find undetonated WWII bomb lurking in city harbour

There's a bunch of things you'd expect to be submerged in a city harbour: Garbage, the odd shopping trolley, a car wreck or three. But perhaps not an undetonated World War II-era bomb. SEE ALSO: In 1964, a nuclear bomb exploded in Mississippi and
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How Japan Is Creating New Opportunities for Life Sciences Companies - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

Japan, one of the world’s richest business markets, once had a reputation as a difficult business environment for some foreign companies. So why have many of the world’s best-known life science companies successfully expanded
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Australia's government bans politicians from sleeping with their staff

Sleeping with a co-worker is pretty much a no-no in all workplaces, especially so in the sensitive world of politics. Not that Australia's deputy prime minister stuck to the unspoken rule. SEE ALSO: What to do when someone you love has terrible
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People are mesmerised by this snake's elegant movement along a fence

Snakes move in mysterious ways, but perhaps not always as mesmerisingly as this. A video posted on the Facebook page of Bangor Vineyard Shed in Australia shows a Tasmanian tiger snake trying to navigate a thin fence line, which looks to be pretty
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Former homeless man hands out roses for Valentine's Day, because it makes people happy

Valentine's Day might suck for single people, but for some, it's an opportunity to share a little bit of love. Like for a formerly homeless man named Cameron, who pledged to hand out roses to people at Nobby Beach, on the Gold Coast in Australia.
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Australia's most popular natural tourist spots are under threat from climate change

Want to visit a pristine Australian beach, or discover the delights of the Great Barrier Reef? You'd better be quick. Like many of the world's natural wonders, Australia's five most popular natural tourist pulls are under serious threat thanks to