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Fast Growth Means You Need to Pay Extra Attention to Culture

Congratulations! Whether it is a cross-border merger, explosive market growth or a new technology that is working better than you had ever hoped, you have the best problem a business can have: managing rapid growth. As you encounter all the...
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Donald Trump tells Fox he wants his 'people' to 'sit up at attention' the way Kim Jong-un's do

Happy Friday, everyone! Donald Trump just dropped in on his pals at Fox & Friends to say he hopes that one day the American people will treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jong-un. Cool, cool, cool. Not a single thing to worry about here.
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7 animated feature films that deserved more attention than their Oscar competition

Often overlooked, the Best Animated Feature category has piqued some interest this year because of a few unexpected nominations. But some of us have paid close attention to it for years.  Prior to 2018, voting on the Best Animated Feature and
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A New Marketing Royalty: Why Digital Influencers Are on the Rise

From: Via: A New Marketing Royalty on the Rise: Digital Influencers online
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A New Marketing Royalty on the Rise: Digital Influencers

From: Via: A New Marketing Royalty on the Rise: Digital Influencers online
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The Science of How to Stay Focused: Psychology, Slow Habits, and Chewing Gum

From:   By: Jory MacKay Via: The Science of How to Stay Focussssss
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Magnetic brain stimulation can bring back stowed memories: study

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Very interesting research. Accessing your buried memories - good or bad?
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Being part of a community group could protect you from cognitive decline

From: Via: We are better together. Join a group and increase brain power. engagement
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Four Reasons Why Nobody's Paying Attention To Your Presentation

I see you, checking your smartphone under the table in the middle of the presentation. I've done it, too. In fact, during many presentations, no one in the audience is really paying attention.Blame it on our "culture of distraction" if you like, but