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From my Instapaper account to your inbox, here are the articles that got me thinking:
A new multi-year, in-depth study of West Point cadets suggests that intrinsic motivations drive achievement and that instrumental motivations "can actually be counterproductive to success."
From the always-great Barking Up the Wrong Tree, one of the best posts on productivity I’ve read in long while. 
The more a couple spends on its wedding and engagement ring, the less likely the marriage is to last, says this Wall Street Journal analysis.  
A wise and inspiring Medium essay by the wise and inspiring Kevin Kelly.
A Washington University professor explains that tests don’t simply measure learning. Done right, they can actually promote it.
You don’t even have to be using your phone for it to distract your face-to-face conversations, says Pacific Standard. For conversations that matter, turn off the phone and stick it in your pocket. (Unless you’ve got a phablet, in which case it won’t fit and I might not want to talk to you anyway).
Men start out fast and overconfident, then slow down significantly. Women are steadier and more consistent. [Insert your own joke here.]
Going to the gym during work hours seems to boost performance, according to Harvard Business Review.
The more education you have, the more likely you are to need glasses. (Hmmm, says the nerdy writer with 20-450 vision.)


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How to Lead a Successful Training Workshop

If you want to become a successful thought leader, author, speaker, or simply share your message with the world, you must understand how to lead a successful training workshop. I am going to share with you my very own process – what we call The
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Why Business Leaders Must Attend Service Training

The most common question we hear when launching service excellence training programs inside large organizations is: “Do leaders really need to attend these workshops?” This raises a different and more important question for senior leaders: Do you
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Here’s How to Overcome Embarrassment and Improve Your Self-Confidence

The Fear of Embarrassment IQ Matrix will help you to take control and eventually overcome the feelings of embarrassment you may experience in awkward situations. The article explores what it means to be embarrassed; highlights causes of
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How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

Regardless of how you ring in the New Year (with lively parties and fireworks or cozy celebrations at home), there is a recurring theme at every New Year’s celebration: to the make this year the best year ever. “If you get clear on the what, the how
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Should you trust your customers?

If you trust your customer to pay you back, will you receive their loyalty plus interest? Well, that’s what I did. No, I didn’t take out a loan or buy a car. I was just getting some chicken. Popeyes fried chicken to be exact. No, this isn’t paid
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Simplify Your Social Media Recruitment By Building Your Own Chatbot

Today, human resource staff focus more on strategizing and satisfying employees’ needs than on administration and recruiting, which were the cornerstones of HR work in a previous era. HR professionals are taking on a much more meaningful role in
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10 Step Checklist To Rank Your Startup Ideas

A version of this article first appeared in Forbes. Steven Johnson, author of How We Got To Now, analyzes technological breakthroughs, looking for patterns that allow entrepreneurs to identify “How We’ll Get To Tomorrow.” One of the key myths
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What do you see?

A better question might be, "what do you choose to see?" If I take four professionals to the Whitney: The architect sees the building, the sight lines, the way the people and the light flow. The framer notices the craftsmanship...   
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What an Idea, Sirji!

It is very difficult to build a brand property which could be a campaign idea, a tune or a tag lineI have an unreasonable liking for Idea, the mobile services brand. And this proclivity has to be understood slightly differently. I used to head the