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Your daily smile: Lionel Messi stuns reporter who gave him a good luck charm

Lionel Messi and the Argentina national men's soccer team squeaked by Nigeria and into the knock-out round of the World Cup on Tuesday in very dramatic fashion.  But it seems he had a little help thanks to a gift from a reporter: an amulet from
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EMs: Canary in financial coal mine?

From: Buisness-standard By Kenneth Rogoff Recommended by: business-standard Even if any emerging-market bond meltdown remains contained, recent jitters ought to be a wake-up call, even for advanced economiesAre brewing exchange-
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This Weather Startup Provides Hyperlocal Data To Customers Like Monsanto

Weather startup Understory will be working with Monsanto to provide hyperlocal weather data for corn fields in Argentina.
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MBA Worthless; Great Question; Top 50 Trip; "Thought" Meetings

"...insights for scale-ups" HEADLINES: Want Some Strategy Time? -- bid on an one-hour (OK, 90 minutes if needed) strategy session with me and benefit a great cause, NFTE, which has been teaching entrepreneurship to inner city youth for
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It’s Not Even Possible To Visualize Wealth Inequality!

From:   By: Avinash Kaushik Via: A humble plea to the world's super-rich 80 individuals: http://
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Buenos Aires ePrix race highlights

From: Via: RT @FIAformulaE: Buenos Aires ePrix race highlights: vía @YouTubeWatch highlights of round four of the FIA Formula E
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Welcome to the Buenos Aires ePrix

From: Via: RT @FIAformulaE: Welcome to the Buenos Aires ePrix: vía @YouTubeTop flight single-seater racing returns to Argentina this
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Buenos Aires ePrix live on ITV4 from 6pm on Saturday

From: Via: RT @ITVSport: Video: @FIAformulaE is back on @ITV4 this Saturday! Join @JennieGow and the gang from 6pm…Jennie Gow
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Night of the Argentine zombies... !

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