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Amazon's Alexa playing 'Skyrim' with Keegan-Michael Key wins E3 2018

Bethesda Softworks used its E3 2018 showcase as an occasion to share what appears to be a cancelled April Fool's joke. I'll set the scene and let Keegan-Michael Key do the rest: It feels like Bethesda's Skyrim has been released for everything,
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Boyfriend pranks girlfriend for April Fools' Day by cloning himself in their security footage

In the way of April Fools' jokes, this is one of the better ones. YouTuber pillowtalkTK decided to trick his girlfriend in a super spooky way. He edited a recording of them sleeping to make it look like a double of himself walked in to stare at them
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'Rick and Morty' April Fools episode is a huge f**k you and it's kinda great

As usual, the Rick and Morty brand used an international day of pranks to pull some shit on fans. And it was, uh, not totally well received. Dropping a surprise Rick and Morty episode on April Fools has become something of an Adult Swim tradition.
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Sinister Apple phone prank just won Twitter, Easter, and April Fool's Day

This year Easter occurred on April 1, turning Easter baskets and bunny suits into the perfect opportunity for parents to prank their kids.  We've already covered a few possible pranks for this bizarre crossover holiday, but comedian and
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'Where's Waldo?' is hiding in Google Maps for April Fool's Day

Where's Waldo, you ask? Somewhere inside Google Maps, apparently. English artist Martin Handford's creation is living in Google Maps for the next week, as part of Google's annual April Fool's Day celebration. You can check it out now in your browser
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Pornhub scares everyone to death with its terrifying April Fools Day prank

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable Pornhub just took five years off a lot of people's lives.The porn site played a pretty mean and also hilarious April Fools' Day joke on its users.Anyone who clicked on a
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People applied to work for Hub a fake startup whose smart home device doesnt do anything

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable This April Fools' Day, one joke long in the making about Silicon Valley got kind of out of hand.An Indiegogo campaign for "Hub: the ultimate IOT smart device" got the
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Ted Cruz rickrolls Donald Trump on April Fools Day

From: Mashable By Emily Cahn Recommended by: Mashable Ted Cruz listens during a campaign stop on March 30, 2016, in Madison, Wisconsin. Image: AP Photo/Andy ManisBusinessman Donald Trump has finally accepted rival presidential
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Heres the only roundup you need of what big brands did for April Fools Day

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable Gary Avreim of Sebastopol, Calif., does his best to blend in during the Occidental April Fools Day Parade, Saturday April 2, 2011 in downtown Occidental, Calif. Image:
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Hamburger Helpers April Fools rap album is actually excellent

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable Hamburger Helper has created a rap album and you are probably going to love it.Hamburger Helper's anthropomorphic glove is leaving behind the hearty family dinners to cut