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Theresa May getting locked in a car pretty much sums up how Brexit's going

Just when you thought that nothing else could possibly go wrong in the endless parade of obstacles that is Brexit, Theresa May's gone and got  locked in a car.  On her way to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a bid to rescue her
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Not even Chinese spies will make Trump give up his iPhone

Remember when Hillary Clinton's private email server allegedly helped lose her the election? Those were the days. President Trump will not stop making calls on his multiple iPhones, even though his own aides have told him that Russian and Chinese
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Social media is loving Angela Merkel's photo of Trump vs. G7 summit leaders

As per usual, Angela Merkel has no time for Donald Trump's nonsense. On Saturday, the German Chancellor shared a striking photo of the G7 summit on Instagram that prominently showed her and other world leaders gathered around Trump. SEE ALSO: Macron
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Merkel says nations must keep talking to Trump despite differences

From: Hindustan Times By Associated Press Recommended by: Hindustan times German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it’s important to keep talking with President Donald Trump even where there are clear differences.Merkel said at a news
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Merkel hopes for G20 win-win solutions, police brace for protests in Germany

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Merkel said leaders will address regulating financial markets, fighting terrorism and pandemics and combatting climate change, among other issues.US President Donald Trump and other
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When Transparency Backfires, and How to Prevent It

From: Via: When Transparency Backfires, and How to Prevent It, as the saying goes, is the best
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In pics: The world’s longest tunnel opens in Switzerland

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Guests waves at a train that has crossed the tunnel during the opening ceremony of the NEAT Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world's longest and deepest rail tunnel, near the town of
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Viewpoint: Munich migrant welcome shames Europe

From: Via: Munich's welcome of migrants shames Europe: [And clearly ignoring Trump! EU!!!] biblical story of the
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Judgment day: Sunday decides whether Greece stays in the euro

The future of Greece's economy as well as the future of the euro currency hangs in the balance on Sunday, as political leaders of Europe are scheduled to convene for a crucial meeting to see if a plan can be agreed upon to provide the country with