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There’s Value In Pulling Together Metrics

The hype about HR analytics is sufficiently disconnected from reality that it’s worth taking a step back and reviewing where we are. Most of the work that companies are calling HR analytics is really just HR metrics. We’re getting good...
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How We Use Data and Analytics to Make the Best Hiring Decisions

At Unity, our creators are at the core of what we do — and our creators are so active, that they’re giving us a lot of data to work with. As the most widely-used real-time 3D development platform, we reach...
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How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy

You can’t make big organizational changes without understanding how employees behave.
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How We Used Analytics to Hire More A-Talent

Top performers drive a tremendous percentage of an organization’s revenue, yet finding these talented candidates proves a challenge to traditional hiring processes. But organizations using a data-driven recruitment approach find higher
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Does Intuition Have a Place In Analytics?

When you walk into a meeting and immediately think “this is going to be trouble” that feeling is not based on objective, measurable factors; it’s intuition. As analysts who are trying to shift from a world of opinion to a...