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Stop Exceeding Expectations, Suck Less First.

From: Via: Ow, that hurts, ow, ow, ow, make it stop! #truthhurts . [ Bonus: ]
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Here’s What You Need In a People Analytics Leader

You need the right People Analytics Leader in order to build an effective and strategic people analytics function. This person is the key evangelist and visionary for data-driven decision making, and ensures the use of people analytics always
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Using Analytics to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

If your customers are hearing different things from each team, they’ll get confused.
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Power Sales Performance by Harnessing Analytics - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM TABLEAU

By Brian Selby, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales Operations, Tableau Software How often is your sales team making important decisions based on gut feel? Are you sure that deal will close this quarter and was it optimally priced? Are your sales
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Get Started In HR Analytics In 5 Easy Steps

As adoption of analytics is increasing and interest is soaring, more and more companies are looking for ways to get started with HR analytics. In this article, I will give you a practical guide on how to get started with...
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Why Analytics Should Come Before Anything Else

Peter Navin, the SVP employee experience at Grand Rounds Inc., has an interesting stance on analytics. Typically, HR has all its core functions in place before it tentatively tacks on an analytics team. Peter, took an unusual approach, he always...
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How Productivity Analytics Tools Are Making a Difference

Imagine my surprise when I started receiving emails from Microsoft last summer that included descriptions of my Office 365 activity, like how much time I spent multitasking in meetings, who is my “top collaborator,” how much “focus
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Analytics Can Play a Key Role In Career Planning Conversations

Careers used to progress linearly. You’d start at the bottom and climb up the rungs of a clearly defined ladder until you retired, but the world of work has changed so much. Many organizations don’t have defined career tracks anymore,...