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Does Intuition Have a Place In Analytics?

When you walk into a meeting and immediately think “this is going to be trouble” that feeling is not based on objective, measurable factors; it’s intuition. As analysts who are trying to shift from a world of opinion to a...
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Which Comes First: Management or Analytics Software?

Since time immemorial, human beings have puzzled over, and been fascinated by dualities: yin and yang, thought and action, strategy and execution. As CEO of Visier, a company that helps business leaders use data to answer critical questions,
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M3DICINE's Stethee stethoscope adds connected analytics, ditches the tubes

From: Via: RT @EricTopol: A new stethoscope supported by #AI @Stethee @M3DICINESupport @
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Diversity, Interviewing, Analytics and AI are the Top Global Recruiting Trends

Each year, over the past few years, I look forward to reviewing LinkedIn’s annual recruiting trends report. The 2018 version is no different! It’s 60 pages of insight and case studies, and really digs into the hottest trends in
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Dealing With the People Part of Big Data Analytics

Considering that analytics is meant to be about hard evidence, it’s surprising how much it’s riven with emotion. I’ve run across various points of conflict: People defending / denying the value of intuition. People defending /
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Don’t Confuse KPIs and Analytics

Some companies tell me about their plans for people analytics and soon it becomes apparent that their mandate is something difference: they’ve been asked to report KPIs. The difference between analytics and KPIs can be illustrated by how they
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Outsourcing Some Analytics Functions Could Keep You Ahead Of The Stampede For Talent

More than half of the organizations surveyed use outside partners for some or all of their analytics needs. This strongly indicates a need for skilled data analysts across the enterprise spectrum. Bringing in partners enables organizations to scale
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How to Use Data to Make Better Hires

There has been a lot of buzz around the use of people analytics, but the evidence for its impact has been sparse. Now, though, we have emerging evidence that people analytics can successfully be applied to improve hiring. This new...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Google Optimize

From:   By: Shanelle Mullin Via: The Beginner's Guide to #Google #