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4 things we learned about plastic straw bans from people with disabilities

There is a debate taking place online in reaction to the plastic straw bans spreading across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. As various cities and companies ban plastic straws, advocates for people with disabilities have taken to social media to voice
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NFL player comes to stranger's rescue during airport nightmare, goes viral

If there's one thing the internet can't get enough of, it's a good ol' random act of kindness. And that goes double if the person behind the act happens to be a celebrity. SEE ALSO: The NFL's new anthem rules are here and, yep, they're terrible On
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Big company advertising

American Airlines doesn't know what to say. And they're having a lot of trouble saying it. They're making a fortune this year due to low oil prices, and one way to manage shareholder expectations for the future is to put...    
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How to Keep Your Company From Becoming a TSA Disaster

Editor’s note: Flying somewhere for the long weekend? After reading this article, you may want to consider taking the train. While many of us are looking forward to traveling this Memorial Day Weekend, no one is looking forward to waiting in
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It's not your imagination: airfare prices are rising

Airplanes are crowded, security lines are long, and airplane seats are cramped — and we're paying more for it.Despite falling oil prices and the ability to compare prices across airlines with just a few clicks, the average U.S. plane ticket cost
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Cheaper jet fuel gives airlines a bump in profits

DALLAS — For airlines, the record profits keep coming, thanks to cheaper jet fuel.Like motorists, airlines have been saving money at the pump since oil prices began plunging last summer. Even with a recent increase, the spot price of jet fuel is
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Avinash Kaushik on Instagram: “Mesmerizing art installation in the American Airlines terminal in San Francisco. It is very flowy, colorful and is constrained and…”

From:   By: avinashplusworld Via: Mesmerizing art installation in the American Airlines terminal in San Francisco. It
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From the Airline Shenanigans files: New carry-on limits

From:   By: Deanne Mayall Via: From the Airline Shenanigans files: New carry-on limits
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Delta Joins Apple in Opposing Arizona Anti-Gay Measure

From:   By: Thomas Black and Jennifer Oldham Via: Delta Joining Apple as Opposition to Anti-Gay Law Goes National