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Ahrefs Standard Yearly Account ($1,790 value)

From: Via: Enter This @authorityhackr Contest To Win 1 Year of @Ahrefs Standard ($1,790 Value). know that creating content is
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What does your business need?

The terms Finance and Accounting are often used synonymously. Finance requires a sea change in thinking from the professional and entrepreneur alike. Does your business need "Finance" or is accounting enough?  Find out with this
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Catapult Partners

From: Via: Catapult Partners aim of our Catapult Partners Program is to help entrepreneurs rapidly improve their business fundamentals in
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5 ways to simplify accounting for small businesses

Keeping track of invoices, taxes, receipts etc. can be overwhelming for a small business.Maintaining books of accounts, tracking receivables and depending on someone else to feed you aggregate financial performance/provide regular reports can be
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Six Ways Business Intelligence Software Can Help Your Business

From: Recommended by: Rahul Rao  By: Jennifer Schiff 6 ways BI is helping businesses reach their goals, sooner and more effectively. Jaspersoft CEO Brian gentile explores
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The Black and White of GST

 GST (Goods and Service Tax) is likely to be one of the landmark initiatives taken by the Indian Government to simplify and unify the indirect taxes regime. The earlier attempt to unify the Sales tax laws throughout the country through the VAT
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Mark to Market - An Accounting Methodology

MARK TO MARKET Mark-to-market, an accounting rule that has undoubtedly played a significant role in the subprime mortgage crisis. This principle of accounting has played a major hand in  spoiling the rosy, window dressed, financially