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PNB scam: How do you make regulators accountable?

From: Buisness-standard By A K Bhattacharya Recommended by: business-standard Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that in India while the political leadership is held accountable for all its actions and inaction, the regulators
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How to Take Accountability from MESSY to MARVELOUS In 9 Steps

Who doesn’t want to move from a messy culture to one that’s marvelous? A culture that others and your own leaders marvel at? That’s where Dr. Richard Coughlan begins in this DisruptHR presentation from Richmond, VA, where he’
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Elissa Fink, CMO of Tableau: Helping Marketers Make More Data-Driven Decisions About Growth

Elissa Fink, the CMO of Tableau Software shares the practical ways that leading organizations are using data to support growth strategies, marketing resource optimization, and the big trade-off decisions they need to make to compete in a digital
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Why Your Strategic Plan Will Never Succeed

You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you can’t execute it, you won’t achieve your mission. To help you through this process, there are key questions you should be asking to ensure success.
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Why Leaders Struggle With Accountability

The ‘us vs. them’ mentality in most organizations is almost cliché — and it’s certainly unproductive. Every single day, leaders complain about employees’ behavior or lack of accountability, but the problem is
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Build a Culture of Volunteered Accountability

Accountability is apparently a big problem. A 2013 survey of leaders by AMA Enterprise, a division of the American Management Association® reported that: 11% of survey respondents said more than 50% of their employees shirk responsibility. 21%
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The Importance in Mapping Out Employee Accountability

“How do I get my people to be more accountable for results?” is the essential question from a recent post over at the Harvard Business Review. It’s the kind of question that usually follows some type of failure at work.
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Boosting Accountability and Performance in Today's Workforce

The power of a leader is reflected in the power of his team, because powerful leaders know how to tap into the potential of their people. They don't control their power in traditional ways. Instead, they exchange their power for their team's