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Guillermo at NBA Media Day 2018 is as hilariously awkward as ever

Guillermo, Jimmy Kimmel's co-star and faithful in-the-field reporter, truly is the gift who keeps on giving. SEE ALSO: Guillermo finally got to interview LeBron James at NBA media day and it was adorable He's previously covered Super Bowl Opening
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Barry Jenkins, director of 'Moonlight,' finally delivers his Oscars speech

Oscar speeches are normally a great time to sneak in a nap, but every once in a while, a speech comes along you actually want to hear. Barry Jenkins' acceptance speech for Moonlight has to be at the top of the list. After the awkward Oscar mishap of
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‘Revenant’ director on Mexican filmmakers: 'We’ll build a wall made entirely out of Oscars'

According to President Trump, you can supposedly reduce all Mexican immigrants to either "drug dealers," "criminals," or "rapists." Yet it seems he conveniently left out one of the actual occupations Mexicans are dominating in America: Best Picture
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It's okay if 'Shape of Water' made you horny

Warning: This post is swimming in sexy spoilers.  A fish-sex movie won big at the Oscars, and the bright spotlight seems to have heightened discomfort around the erotic interspecies romance at the center of The Shape of Water. From film critics
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Gary Oldman's son decries 'clickbait' stories about father's 2001 domestic abuse allegation

Gary Oldman scored his first Academy Award on Sunday. Now, his son has some choice words for anyone attacking the Best Actor winner's character. Some background is in order. The senior Oldman has faced backlash during the 2017/2018 awards season
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Here's what it's like to wander around backstage at the Oscars with a bunch of celebrities

You may recall that Jimmy Kimmel took a bunch of famous types to surprise moviegoers on Sunday night. SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar monologue slams Harvey Weinstein, which is correct Well, now Kimmel's channel has released some backstage footage
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Chris Hemsworth is just being a good dad, teaching his kids how to surf

While the rest of Hollywood might still be recovering from the Oscars, Chris Hemsworth is busy being a good daddy. The Thor: Ragnarok star is back in Australia, spending some quality time with the family and keeping the world up to date on his
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'Get Out' star Daniel Kaluuya wore Fenty Beauty to the Oscars

Daniel Kaluuya's effortless Oscar glow was mostly thanks to Daniel Kaluuya. But, as is the case with everything good, you can also partially thank Rihanna. According to a tweet from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, Kaluuya wore two shades of the brand's Pro
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Guillermo got celebrities to drink tequila out of his shoes on the Oscars red carpet

Working the red carpet at a major film event isn't easy. It's crowded, it's hectic, and you've got to do your best to grab the attention of celebrities who are being pulled in about a million different directions at once. Guillermo's got it nailed,
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Jordan Peele tweeted the perfect caption for his Oscar photo

If you have an Oscar, it'd be wrong not to show that thing off on Twitter. SEE ALSO: Here's the full Oscars 2018 winners list Jordan Peele knows. On Sunday, he attended the Academy Awards and came away with one for the Original Screenplay category