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Police use Apple Watch health data as evidence in murder case

Your smartphone knows plenty about you, and it's that health data that's apparently been key to solving an Australian murder case. In September 2016, 57-year-old Myrna Nilsson was found dead in the laundry of her Adelaide home.  SEE ALSO: All
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Grandpa Biden and Trump fighting memes are the only thing that can save America

Political strategy in the Trump era is apparently two grandfathers threatening to fight each other.  On Tuesday, Joe Biden got heated during a rally to fight campus sexual assault and went off on President Trump's misogynistic history.
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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are spoiling for an actual fist fight. Heaven help us.

Proving we really are living in the dumbest timeline possible, former vice president Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump have revived their watered-down Burr-Hamilton rivalry with more empty threats of elderly-white-man-on-elderly-white-man
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A horrifyingly massive fish washed up on a beach in Australia

Forget romantic strolls on the beach, discovering the body of a giant fish sounds like a lot more fun. SEE ALSO: Antarctica's seafloor is teeming with life, rare submersible footage shows Images of an enormous fish that washed up on the beach in
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Weather bureau staff investigated for alleged cryptocurrency mining on work computers

Look, mining cryptocurrency off work computers mightn't be the greatest of ideas. Two IT employees at Australia's Bureau of Meteorology are under investigation by the Australian Federal Police, alleged to have used the agency's computers to mine
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New Apple store dubbed 'Pizza Hut pagoda' in backlash over its design

Apple's sleek glass and metal constructed stores are oft-admired around the world. It's not quite the case in Melbourne, Australia, where a proposed global flagship store in the city's Federation Square has been the subject of controversy since it
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Wallaby stuck in harbour rescued by some very nice ferry workers

Look, we've said before that you'll never see a wallaby in Australian cities — they're wild animals, after all. Yes, police recently pursued one down the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but we all thought that would be a one-off.  We thought wrong
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Tim Cook promises Apple will soon let you disable feature that slows down older iPhones

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Apple last month admitted that it was slowing down older iPhones as the batteries wear out.A future iOS update will allow users to disable power management feature that throttled