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Make cheap conference call with Facebook Messenger

From: Hindustan TimesRecommended by: Hindustan timesFacebook’s F8 developer conference made it clear that the Messenger app is going to be the company’s golden boy. The latest trick Messenger has been taught is the ability to make conference calls
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4 crucial steps to climb before seeking financing for your startup

From: Mashable By Eyal ShinarRecommended by: MashableImage: Stephanie Carter/ImageZoo/CorbisThis article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and
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Sumita Kale: Jan-Dhan not perfect, but its progress is laudable

From: Buisness-standard By Sumita KaleRecommended by: business-standardSumita KaleThe previous article set out the paradigm shift in financial inclusion in India through the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY): Progress in inclusion has now
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Find happiness in your New Year

 For many, the New Year is a chance for a new beginning, perhaps best represented by the baby and the old man, symbols of the new and old years since the time of the ancient Greeks.The fresh-faced cherub connotes so much promise. But
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Never give up

Awards season has started in Hollywood, and it serves as a perfect metaphor for following your dreams.While few of us dream of becoming big stars, or getting national recognition for doing excellent work, we all want to know the satisfaction of a
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How to set your voice free

When I was embarking on my "second career," public speaking,I had a little experience under my belt - member of a Toastmasters group, graduate of Dale Carnegie and a long list of speeches I'd made to community groups, plus various causes like
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Change your perspective,change your life

Perspective has many definitions, such as the ability to understand what is important and what isn't.  And the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.Consider this excellent example of how differently people view
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Demonetization, Cognitive Bias, and Decision Making

India’s demonetization exercise has taken the country by storm. Amid widespread support from the masses, there is now a growing body of criticism from citizens, political parties, and economists. Arguments range from bringing misery to people,
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Thank a vet today

I want to share the story of a remarkable teacher who taught her students an unforgettable lesson.  On the first day of school back in 2005, a social studies teacher named Martha Cothren gave her classes at Robinson High School in Little Rock,