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XIMB prepares itself for Xpressions’14

When you see the excitement almost tangible, when you see people running from post to pillar  without any sort of cribbing or disinterest, when you see people so forthcoming to take up any  trivial task for a bigger purpose, when
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Xpressions 2014- Trade Wars

Trade Wars is an online simulation game managed by Finance cell of XIMB- XFIN for Xpressions, the  annual management festival of XIMB. 'Trade wars' simulates the working of Indian stock market and  commodities exchange.
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creator of Dexter and producer of The Simpsons

From:   By: Michael Cera Via: I'm live on reddit answering questions. Jim us! Not damning at all if you're willing to
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Is Your Key Account Management Effective?

If your answer is No, you are part of the majority. Most firms do not succeed in profitably growing large global customers through key account management (KAM). A largish Indian IT services company struggled with managing big customers for
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Don’t let false assumptions cloud your thinking

One afternoon, a woman noticed two small boys on the front step of a house.  They were in their school uniforms carrying their backpacks and she assumed were going home after school.  They were on their tip-toes trying to reach the
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What Can Business Do About It?

While spending a week on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson last summer, I had the  opportunity to discuss his “B Team” concept in depth with him. The B Team is a group  of internationally renowned business and
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9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Lets admit it, email is how we communicate maximum about work now a days. So how can we be most effective managing your email? This post by Eric Schimdt (
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Signs you need digital asset management

Marketing can be a repeatitive process. Working on large projects or in large teams can create a whole host of issues. If you are manually repeating a number of basic tasks like having to find and email out logos you're not operating as
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"I can't explain the joy each time I've freed a child" - Nobel winner Satyarthi

From:   By: Nita Bhalla and Antonio Zappulla Via: I can't explain the joy each time I've freed a child - Nobel winner Satyarthi; Inspiring on what really