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Turn firing upside down

What's one of the hardest tasks in business today?  It's not starting a business.  It's not raising money.  It's not even making a profit.  According to The Wall Street Journal, it's firing an employee.
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Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Card

Imagine handing your card to someone at a networking event and having it handed back to youwith “Thanks, but I don’t need your card.” Well, that’s exactly what happened to Juan, who wrote to me recently. Juan found this
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Happy people make other people happy

There is a fable about a little girl who was feeling particularly lonely and blue when she happened across a gorgeous butterfly trapped in the thorns of a blackberry bush.  Taking great care not to tear its fragile wings, the girl's nimble
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6 smart hacks, 10 great articles, and 3 entertaining TV clips.

MY 6 FAVORITE PRODUCTIVITY TIPS Like many of you, I’m somewhat obsessed with productivity hacks — small steps I can take to work smarter, faster, and better. Alas, most hacks (like most houseguests) are appealing only for a few days.
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What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?

From: By BRUCE GRIERSON Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy A placebo works even if you know that it is a placebo. This is a fascinating article on the power of mindsets on health. The article
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Why Some Companies Make It And Others Don’t

From:   By: Dan Schawbel Via: RT @IntuitQuickBase: Why Some Companies Make It And Others Don’t - interview w/ @davidhornik via @DanSchawbel http://t.
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XIMB launches Xpressions’14

XIMB launched its annual management-cultural fest, Xpressions. The launch of the event was carried  out here at XIMB in the auditorium filled with students, members of the media and administration.  The eighty minute launch
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Where is my money going ????

The question people are asking themselves which makes them uncomfortable is Where is my money going….!!!!   In today’s world we earn a 6 digit salary, drive a  car, live in a luxurious apartment but when
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All set for Supersonic Xpressions14

The world's a party and every DJ has his stage. This time XIMB is all set to host one of the best Electronic  Dance Music festivals of the country-VH1 Supersonic.   Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar is hosting the