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Developing Patience

The Developing Patience IQ Matrix explores the quality of patience and how it can be utilized effectively to help transform your life and open doors of opportunity to success in any field of endeavor. The article identifies the benefits of patience
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Pitfalls of Agile Transformations

  “We are a conservative company, so we are just starting our agile transformation,” the manager told me. “But we expect big things from it:  faster delivery, easier recruiting, happier customers.” “
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Google Penalties: What your B2B & B2C Business Needs to Know

Google Penalties: What your B2B & B2C Business Needs to Know (An Interview with Vertical Measures) Are you doing inbound or content marketing at your company? Have you been creating a ton of content but just don’t seem to be moving the SEO
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13 Social Media Tips From Top Executives

Social media is a tool that can skyrocket your company to success if used effectively. It is
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Can you change?

From: By Amruth Kumar Recommended by: greatscope All of us feel that we are open to change. But are we really? Take this short test to understand your readiness ( or reluctance ) to change
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Built to Reinvent: The Ten Commandments of Today’s Sustainable Company

“Ask any manager on planet Earth, ‘What is your key challenge?’ and among many different responses one will strike you with remarkable consistency: Staying afloat. The fast-moving roller-coaster economy we live in today makes this
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Product adoption: different problems for different folks

The product adoption cycle is one of the most essential things to understand when you seek to launch a product or service, or make any sort of cultural change. Different people sign up for new ideas at different rates.
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30 Insights for a Life of Acute Brilliance

Robin Sharma shares 30 quick and valuable insights on what to focus on as you continue your rise to world-class.
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Seven Secrets to Balance

As an Entrepreneur, finding time for your family, your business, and your leisure time can be  challenging.  It’s difficult to do it all.  So, I thought you might like the secret to balance?  Are  you ready?