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Securing her success

 I recently read an interesting blog post that made an analogy between the word "entrepreneur" and the Sanskrit words "antar" (inner) and "prerna" (inspiration). Why do I mention this? Soon after, I interacted with
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Pausing to Learn

People who communicate well are acknowledged for their ability, to socialize, to sell, to lead and to manage. However, while we know that speaking well is important, we often do not realize the power in listening well.    The best
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Culture of an organisation

Conflicts are a part of any organisation but what can make life easier is having a culture in the organisation which sets the atmosphere for resolving the conflicts in an amiable and agreeable manner. Balaji Pasamarthy, Chief Catalyst,
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Subroto Bagchi - The High Performance Entrepreneur

The growing economy of India rests on the strengths of entrepreneurs - particularly the ones whose performances are high. It is hence not surprising that Penguin requested one such successful entrepreneur to pen a book on the experiences of
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Quality of design

In the article titled "Quality of Conformance", we discussed that quality can be broadly classified into Quality of Conformance and Quality of Design. Quality of Conformance is basically meeting the specified quality or the ability to hold
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Entrepreneurs, but virtually so

Most of these lifestyle entrepreneurs are keen to stay clear of extra stress, even if it translates into more money. Gone are the days when choosing a career meant juggling between being a lawyer, or doctor or perhaps a chartered accountant.
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Who needs a VC and when?

  Mr. Ganesh Rengaswamy - co-founder, Travel Guru, Investment mentor and strategic adviser answers this question and more about  Funding, Valuation and Exits...   Excerpts :   One of the first questions I
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Energy Saving Solutions

Most corporates are now conscious of the need for energy efficiency and energy conservation. What usually impedes these initiatives is the question ‘How to go about it?' Here are a few practical tips that a company can adopt immediately
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10 tips to thrive in turbulent times

With the extraordinary set of events unfolding across the world, I'm sure it has been a dampener on every front. What are business people to do in these tough times? I thought I'd share some tips and strategies that have helped me in tough