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Bharat Goenka - A man with a vision

A talk with Mr.Bharat Goenka, the man behind the most successful IT Products in India - Tally - the defacto accounting software in India. Mr.Bharat Goenka explains with a brief history of how they started, "When we started (
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The money belt

The real benefits or running projects scientifically must not be limited to just cost savings or quality improvements but also personal development of employees. Six Sigma implementation in any program must review all aspects of the program to
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Payroll best practices

By implementing best payroll practices, a company can greatly improve its level of efficiency, information reporting, especially within the payroll function, lower error rates, and improve service to employees. India's service sector
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The Looming Energy Crisis

Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals conducts an interactive workshop. It was concluded that there are many solutions to control global warming but due to lack of political will that is affecting our economy. Recently
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Under the Banyan tree

In the book ‘Funky Business', the authors Jonas Ridderstråle and Kjell A Nordström say "We are afloat in a sea of sameness. High Quality sameness but sameness just the same. To succeed we must stop being so goddamn normal.
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Applied techniques in conflict management

It is our perception of the situation that determines if a conflict exists. It is useful to assess our predominant conflict management style(s) because we tend to get stuck in one or two styles and apply them inappropriately. We see what we
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Seth Godin - Pushing Through the dip

cSeth Godin talks about 'How to Become the Best in the World' . The relentless rush to be mediocre. That's what my new book, The Dip, is really about. Or, to be a lot more positive about it, it's about avoiding temptation and gravity
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Spotlight on Self-Sustaining Social Businesses

India Inc. continues to go all out to make its presence felt globally, led by its by now almost proverbial front-runner - our information and communication technology (ICT) industry. But even as scores in Indian cities reap the benefits of this
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Helping others succeed through Coaching

"How to leverage performance in all areas of Life" introduces the principle of coaching to individuals and organizations in order to improve their performance.   Qualified coaches are at the forefront of change helping others