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Why Make All the Mistakes, When We Can Learn from Others?

There are “tried-and–true” networking techniques that are so simplistic they seem that they cannot be really effective. Many times, we try to re-evaluate, improve upon and complicate them. An experience I had once while
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Deadly irrational investment Behaviours

Are Investors Emotional Or Rational In Their Investment Decisions? Let’s start having a look: The complexity of investment decisions has always made me feel whether investors made objective and rational decisions or were they swayed by their
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Have You Made Your Business Networking Campaign Checklist?

It’s amazing what a business networking campaign can do for your business. People rely on recommendations from trusted sources much more than they do from mere advertisements. The best thing is, the costs associated with running a
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What makes a 30 second movie go viral?

For many brands, creating a 30 second YouTube movie that goes viral is the holy grail of marketing. But ensuring the success of a viral-produced movie is still largely hit-and-miss.  Some of the more well-known ingredients known to increase the
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My Door is Always Open - But Not if There's a Problem

In my observation of leaders in action, I see some fantastic behaviors and excellent processes all of which contribute to strong and effective leadership. Sometimes I see that; sadly, not as often as I should. Instead, I see actions and
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Practical is always not Practical

“Embrace The Idea That You Tried in The First Place Makes You A Winner - and That Anything Beyond That is Gravy... When you get to the point where you find as much joy and fulfillment in having given a thing your best, as whatever end
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Creation Myth

Malcolm Gladwell does it again. In this awe inspiring article he describes in detail the birth of the Macintosh and how Steve Jobs lead the team with his innovative ideas. ..........Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation. 1.
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Your Sense of Moral Purity May Block You from Making Professional Connections

From:   By: Andrew O’Connell Via: Networking makes us feel dirty: new research by @francescagino, via @ldavidmarquet:
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Ashish Gupta - Striking it BIG

 Ashish Gupta, MD Helion Ventures Pvt Ltd. Of fame talks about being an entrepreneur and a VC....The dream to make it big is universal and when 5 boys who just finishing school and on the threshold of their lives make it happen,