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Simulating a Cyber Attack is Stimulating

The Bipartisan Policy Center policy center in US launched a simulated Cyber Attack this to check how the government will react in the real time scenario.This is the first time US is publicly launching a cyber attack to simulate and identify how
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Never confuse arrogance with confidence

In ancient Greece, Alcibiades was telling Pericles how Athens should be governed.  Annoyed by the young man's tone and manner, Pericles said, "Son, when I was your age, I talked just the way you are talking." Alcibiades
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The ugly duckling’s career graph

This is a true story, which illustrates a rule rather than an exception, but of a rather less apparent and seemingly paradoxical aspect, of professional growth. It may help you to strengthen yourself or your team members, while they are going
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The road to entrepreneurship – part 2: preparing for the leap

In the first part of this series, we talked about all the things you don’t need, to become a successful entrepreneur (“exploding the myths…”); so now, let us focus on the things you do  need. These essentials apply all
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Pay for results or for actions- Learn from School Kids

In this fascinating article in the Time Magazine, 'Should Kids be Bribed to do well in School' an experiment is conducted in various schools to see if there is any impact on grades and learning if kids are paid money.The study has some very
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Succeed in the marathon of life

I ran my first marathon after my fiftieth birthday.  I've run nine more since then, including the New York and Boston marathons.  I'm proud of that fact for a number of reasons, not because I ever came anywhere close to finishing
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Did not miss my Laptop- The future is the Cloud.

My laptop screen broke today. A few years back this would have paralysed my work. Not this time, I sweet talked my daughter into lending me her Laptop and within 10 minutes I was back in business. Thanks to the cloud. I have been weary of
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Change Management : Why change is causing fatigue - a perspective in Change Leadership

What are the main reasons that cause change fatigue and what can organisations and managers do to minimise this at all stages of a change/transformation programme?   Today’s corporations are dominated by meaningless activity and
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Networking: The Global Language of Successful Businesses

There’s a very good reason why referral networking is becoming an accepted and important marketing strategy in businesses worldwide: it works.   Imagine being dropped off in a foreign city with nothing but a few hundred dollars