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Confessions of an Honest Tax Payer

The Tax system is frosty and some white heat is required to improve things. Budget time, so here is our take on it as a business magazine. I take this opportunity to speak my heart on some of the issues I genuinely feel about taxes. I met a
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Follow Your Passion

Great movies leave plenty of excellent footage on the cutting room floor.  It's part of the process, my son David, a film director, tells me. The same is true when an author writes a book. Following the dozens of interviews I conducted
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Time to come in out of the desert

Not long ago, a young Israeli entrepreneur named Shvat Shaked from an outfit named Fraud Sciences got his foot in the door at PayPal, the giant among Internet payment systems.  Shvat's elevator pitch:  His team had an incredibly simple
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The effective use of the Assessment tools for Personality

Despite, or perhaps because of, its insight and ubiquity, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument - the world's most widely used personality assessment, is sometimes misused by individuals and organizations. Proper use of the instrument
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Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy?

Our continued quest for Happiness goes on even as we sometimes question ourselves whether we will find it. In this intriguing TED talk, Dan Gilbert gives concrete evidence to show us what makes us happy and how we perceive happiness in different
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What is IPR --- a beginning

Intellectual Property Rights are a bundle of Legal Rights vested on a person who converts an intangible matter such as an Idea into an tangible form by providing an expression to the idea. The conversion of the intangible form into a tangible form
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A Case Study on Return on Investment in Leadership Coaching

One of the Fortune 500 firms launched an innovative leadership development effort that was expected to accelerate the development of next generation leaders. The participants in this effort were drawn mostly from the ranks of senior managers across
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3 Major Misconceptions About Networking

Once you overcome these misconceptions, there will be nothing to stop you building powerful network that provides continuous business and opportunities. Think about the most successful people you know. What do they have in common? Probably
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Three favourite quotes on Leadership

Here are some of my favourite quotes on Leadership. Peter Drucker says the only event that is inevitable in the life of the leader is the “unexpected crisis.” Only when you encounter a setback, an obstacle, a difficulty, or the