7 steps to eliminate your startups plague of meetings

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Unproductive meetings have reached epidemic status in America.

Bain & Company, using analytics tools from VoloMetrix, examined the time budgeting of several large corporations. The research found that big U.S. companies are wasting millions of dollars on unproductive hours. For one business in the study, management meetings "ate up" about 300,000 hours, or the equivalent of one executive working full-time for 144 years.

So how did we fall into this trap? Let's look at a few typical stages of business growth to help us understand:

Founding: Your startup begins with a small group of people wearing a large number of hats, all communicating quickly and fluently. Meetings are rarely planned, as everyone is already in the know regarding the daily goings-on around the office.

Childhood: You just hired your 10th employee. Everyone isn't in the same room anymore. The CEO no longer manages every project or interfaces with every team member, and communication starts to break down. Mistakes that would have been avoided by the founding team start to slip through the cracks.



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