7 Psychological Tips To Help Your Productivity

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  By: JR Thorpe
7 psychological Tips to Increase Productivity. https://t.co/QlMxOnYgOW https://t.co/KkmCvZlY19

The world is filled with tips and tricks to maximize your work abilities (i.e. do as much in as little time as possible). Do the Pomodoro Technique! Exercise in your office! Get a standing desk! Dangle a carrot in front of your laptop and physically chase it around the office while typing! And this stuff's particularly crucial for the increasing number of people who don't work in an office environment, with its own in-built productivity measures and work structures. Luckily, there are psychological ways to beat your brain at its own game, and many are simpler than they seem.

Some of the science on productivity can seem contradictory, and that's often because it focuses on specific things that may not fit other circumstances. As we'll see, scientists have looked at everything from el