4 Customers an Ecommerce Retailer Must Serve

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  By: Armando Roggio
4 Customers an Ecommerce Retailer Must Serve @ecommerceboy http://t.co/1LOkOKBOKj

Classifying a shopper’s personality and preferences may make it easier to provide good customer service and, ultimately, sell more.


Retail ecommerce businesses serve a variety of customers with different needs, wants, and preferences. Every individual shopper should be treated as though they are completely unique. There is nothing ordinary about any shopper’s questions or concerns.

The Benefit of Categorizing Customers

Nonetheless, from the perspective of a customer service representative who is chatting, emailing, messaging, or even speaking on the phone with a customer, it may be helpful to try to categorize the shopper and the shopper.

Categorizing a shopper should help the ecommerce customer service representative move more quickly to a solution that works