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European city to 3D print world first housing project

The Dutch city of Eindhoven is building the first 3D printed housing project, consisting of five homes that will be constructed consecutively over the course of the next couple of years.  Read more...More about Design, House, 3d Printing,
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Scientists have created the first 3D-printed human corneas

The future of 3D printing and medicine is coming into focus. Scientists at Newcastle University in the UK say they've created the first 3D-printed human corneas. Using a combination of their unique "bio-ink" and cornea stem cells, they can print the
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10 great 3D printers for beginners

There’s never been a better time to get into 3D printing. There are tons of models to choose from, countless 3D designs available online, and (most importantly) prices that keep dropping. SEE ALSO: It took around 45 hours of 3D printing to
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It took around 45 hours of 3D printing to build this 1,076 square-foot house

3D HOUSING 05 is a 3D-printed home built on-site at Cesare Beccaria in Milan. It covers and area of 1,076 square feet and its printing process took 48 hours split over the course of a week. When the building's life cycle comes to an end, its debris
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3D printing and pottery come together at this design studio

Alterfact is an experimental design studio created by Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau in 2014. They push boundaries of a traditionally plastic-based medium and use clay instead to print cool 3D clay pottery. Alterfact has been assisted by the
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This robot arm can make 3D-printed parts for itself

German engineering firm KUKA Robotics is prototyping a robotic arm that works with a MakerBot 3D printer to speed up the manufacture of robotic arms. Parts can be printed, retrieved and installed by a robot. Read more...More about Robot, Artificial
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These 3D printed designer chairs are the future of furniture

These chairs are proof that 3D printing our furniture is a viable alternative which opens up new opportunities for customizationUCL’s Design Computation Lab is one of the pioneering institutions that is conducting research on additive
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Zooheads are 3D-printed shower heads in the shape of animals, and they're seriously *so* cool

Unless you have one of those super fancy, full-body shower systems, we're gonna bet that your daily scrub up is a pretty boring task. Increase your a.m. excitement with one of these funky shower heads by Zooheads ($29.95), which have just hit the
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Student 3D prints one-of-a-kind electric violin to play a unique composition

Musician Sean Riley from the University of Texas at Austin designed and 3D printed a special 6-string electric violin to play a unique composition. The song titled ‘The Dharma at Big Sur’ by John Adams requires the instrument to enter
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XYZprinting Aims To Grow The Consumer 3D Printing Market With New Products

3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting is announcing three new major 3D printing products at CES 2018, with products aimed at hobbyists, consumers, and small businesses.