The 3 Things Startup Founders Need To Know About HR

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 By: Guest post Joseph Fung

Startup companies should have a HR perspective in mind for the future Goal's. Do not neglect HR activities. I am sharing the link which I think it will be useful...

Guest post written by Joseph Fung


Joseph Fung is co-founder and CEO of TribeHR.

Joseph Fung

Ask any startup CEO to rank their greatest challenges, and inevitably human resources makes the list.

For new ventures, a little preparation can mean the difference between creating a culture of success, or becoming completely bogged down by people problems at a time when you can least afford to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, simply recognizing HR challenges isn’t enough. Prioritizing is vital: there are too many to tackle on your own. Doing a good job at any one challenge costs you precious time and resources. Doing a good job at every challenge means sacrificing other core business operations with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Time is your greatest as.....


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